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Bio of Apostle Sharon Peters-Ruff

Apostle Sharon Peters-Ruff has been preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over 20 years and has lived a Good Life in HD for over 30 years as a saved Woman of God. As a set gift in the church (i.e. the body of Christ) and as an affirmed Apostle, she works to edify, strengthen, grow up to maturity the disciples of Christ through her teaching and ministry of “strong meat” which challenges and fosters growth and development if applied. Apostle Sharon (as she is affectionately called by the church) received her Doctor of Divinity Degree in 2012 from the Calvary School of Ministry for Independent Biblical Studies. In 2015 she earned her Doctor of Theology Degree from Open Arms International Bible College and Seminary School of Chicago, Illinois and in 2018 she received her Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Biblical Studies from The Empowerment Theological Institute & Bible Seminary of Chicago, Illinois. Apostle Sharon currently serves as the Co-Founder and Servant Leader of Unveiled Ministries of Chicago, Illinois founded in 1997 where she was installed as the Senior Pastor in 2008 by The Reverend Dr. Ramona Joseph of the African Pentecostal College of Bishops.

Apostle Sharon has great love for the “study of the holy scriptures” and truly she is a workman that is not ashamed because she is proficient in rightly dividing the word of truth. She is an apostolic woman who is given to the ministry of the word and prayer in accordance with Acts 6:4. As a result of her intense studies, coupled with her early morning communing with the Holy Spirit who leads her into the (deep) she has become a noted Revelatory Teacher who can reveal New Truths and uncover Mysteries hidden in the Word of God.

Prior to realization of her “divine purpose and calling” in the kingdom and the discovery of her ministry gifts, Apostle Sharon had professional career aspirations of being a businesswoman in Corporate America. In pursuit of her goals, she attended the University of Illinois Circle Campus and graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing. Upon entering the work force, Apostle Sharon was immediately recognized as a leader, a woman with an excellent work ethic and a strong mind for business, however, God had other plans for her and that was to build His Kingdom, not Corporate America. This was even more evident to Apostle Sharon after she received power through the baptism of the Holy Ghost and her life began to suddenly change as she moved in the direction of her divine calling and purpose. After responding to the voice of God she left her “secular job” on Valentine’s Day over 15 years ago and chose to trust the call of God on her life along with its purpose to lead her into greener pastures and her destined work assignments. Since that time, Apostle Sharon has invaded many regions through her travel and itinerant ministry and she has taken much territory for the Kingdom of God. She is known for her persistence and her apostolic thrusting locally and abroad to open portals for the other Ascension gifts to gain entrance into. Apostle Sharon is a pioneer, a trailblazer for many women as well as an Apostle’s Apostle.

She is called upon often and sent by God to minister locally and abroad at Women’s Conferences, Church Services and Retreats and she is most known as an Apostolic Mother to millions as was spoken by the Lord. Many have come to “hear” the gospel by way of her “voice” which God said he would use. In August 2015, Apostle Sharon appeared on The Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) in Ottawa, Illinois as a guest speaker (where they have an average estimated audience of over 9 million viewers) to give a sermonette during their weekly Praise–A-Thon.

Apostle Sharon Peters-Ruff, Ph.D.

“a woman who God has definitely called for such a time as this”.



Apostle Sharon has a caring and compassionate ministry for women and God has used her to birth out thousands of women onto the path of their purpose, dreams and destiny through her ministry and mentorship. As a Visionary, who can envision the plans of God she was given a Divine vision in 2013 coupled with a prophetic word of her being an “uncommon mentor”, and after incubating that vision for five years in 2018 she birthed out Woman To Woman Covenant Connection International, with the first leg of this venture being a Mentorship Program being established. She currently mentors women in four areas of their choosing (Womanhood, Women’s Ministry, Leadership and the Apostolic). Her mentees include Pastors, First Ladies, Ministers, Aspiring as well as affirmed Apostles. This is in line with her purpose in life to be the “standard of holiness” for women. Because she understands the heart of a woman she is anointed by God to bring about healing and restoration in the lives of women. She is the Founder/President of Sweet Rose of Sharon Women’s Ministry, a place of feeding, a place to prepare for excellence & a place of healing and restoration. In addition, Apostle Sharon has been noted for joining forces with the “Men of God” (especially those in senior leadership) in unity and agreement for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Apostle Sharon loves Facebook and uses social media to teach, encourage and to spread the Gospel. She is known for her daily postings of her “Thoughts of the Morning” and her many posts throughout the day which she makes to foster spiritual education and intelligence to a Virtual World. When Apostle Sharon is not ministering the word of God from platforms and pulpits or serving her local church, she is at home tending to her family which she greatly loves, cooking, or writing and scripting the things of Divinity. She is a noted author who has published six books; “Teach Me To Pray”, “Who Hurt The Church “, The 3F’s That Make For A Successful Christian”, “Thoughts of The Morning”, “Help For The Helpmeet” and “The Composite of The Woman – Her Distinction In Kind”; which she is declaring to be her best seller! As she endeavors to (continue), which is her favorite word, Apostle Sharon knows beyond a shadow of doubt that she was Called for Such a Time as This.

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